Welcome to the Thought Dojo.

contemplation service that holds space for critical thinking and higher-reasoning in order to solve problems and reveal profound truths about the essential nature of  ourselves KATA1 and our business KATA2.

We do this through Thought Yoga. 

      “Thought” - A process of thinking.
      “Yoga” - Union.

      “Dojo” - A place of the way. 

Broken down, thought yoga is a creative means of exploring deeply into the nature of something - without the limitations of our previous conditioning. 

We simply see what it is, for what it is.

It is the unification of our mind with its essence.

KATA1 Myself.
Learn the essence of meditation. 

- On a personal level, we see and experience clearly that happiness is the nature of being alive.

- That the essence of meditation and the nature of being alive are one and the same. 

- The path of effortless recognition and understanding.  

KATA2 Conscious Brand.
Keep clean, create deep connection, find your brand essence, develop to your idea/project or brand through essence discovery strategy. 


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