The world reshaped by our own self reflection is a world reborn into a playground of potential.

The Thought Dojo is a contemplation service.

At the Dojo, we believe that the hight of human evolution is True Happiness. - That is to say, a happiness that is indifferent to and independent of anything in the objective world. 

It is where all actions and decisions eventually end up, where all thoughts and feelings arise, and is the direction of every desire.

Therefore it is our belief that all leaders should be happy, free of the fear of death, and sharing the message of art, love and intelligence through their own unique life-view.

This is a contemplation service that bridges ancient perennial philosophy with contemporary  branding for passionately curious CEOs who desire a completely fresh start.


“Art” - The quality and depth of ones perception.

“Brand” - A multiplicity of unique vibrations that form one signature frequency.

“Philosophy” - The science of happiness.
“Spiritual”- To intend or/ to be in the direction of - the highest possible truth at any given moment.

“Love” -
The lack of separation.
“Business” - The service of being.

“Intelligence” -
The ability to understand and implement our own unique wisdom and knowledge.