Submerge into the art of contemplation and the essence of meditative traditions. 

“That thou mayest have pleasure in everything,
Seek pleasure in nothing.
That thou mayest know everything,
Seek to know nothing.
That thou mayest posses all things,
Seek to posses nothing.
That thou mayest be everything,
Seek to be nothing.”

-St. John of the cross , The Ascent of Mount Carmel

Permanent happiness can never be found in an ever-changing world of objects and relationships.

Making money is not a sign of success or fulfilment. 

Once we understand these two facts, we are in the midsts of the greatest shift of our lives.  

There is a space in every experience that lies beyond the objects we perceive, the feelings we feel and the thoughts we think. Yet, all objects we perceive and feelings we feel are the expression of this space.

This space is the heart of experience and the heart of life. We call it being alive. Some call it consciousness, some call it love, others call it happiness. Every action we take, whether knowingly or unknowingly, is taking us to this place. However, there is a paradox. - Because we are already in this place, no action we take or movement we make can bring us any closer.

This paradox is the cause for science to seek knowledge. Buddhists to seek Nirvana. For philosophers to seek wisdom. For romantics to seek love. For religions to seek God. For the world to seek abundance. And for artists to seek beauty. It is all to come to that place that we refer to when we say we feel alive.



KATA1 covers 5 key areas.

1. Truth and Reality
The distinction of truth and its relationship to reality. 

2. Being
What we are at our core, and how it relates to true happiness and fulfilment.

3. Fear of Death
Understanding death, fear and its relationship to the human experience. 

4. Understanding
The pathway of meditation, art and contemplation.

5. Thought Yoga
The creative means we take explore deeply into the nature of our experience to better integrate and open ourseleves to the pure nature of our mind and reality.