Ask yourself this, could there be a brand if there was no one there to experience it? Branding lives in the individuals who experience the brand. It has nothing to do with a logo, an image, or a design. However, logos images and designs can help us grasp, mould and point to the feeling of its essence. 

All ideas and brands have an essence, and that essence is what people connect to. This is because the essence is always connected to the individual that has created it. - And it's the individual, the human being, that they connect to behind the brand or the “source” of the brand. 

There is a relationship we create with every idea we channel into this world. It belongs to our soul, and the soul of another. We connect to things because of this relationship. It is the relationship of shared experience.

When ones collection of experiences align with another's collection of experiences, we naturally see through any other differences, and therefore see that person or object, not as a thing or a body, but as love.

We say, “I love you”, or “I love that” which is another way of saying “Because you match my collection of experiences so perfectly, I am able to ignore and overlook any differences of age, gender, body or mind, and can recognise clearly that we share the same conscious being. - That experience is love.

Together, let’s collect shared experience, and bring in those we love.

It is true, you know. Birds of a feather, flock together.

1. Brand love and intelligence into the minds of others.

2. Take clear action into the unknown. 

3. Discomfort is the movement from old ways of thinking and behaving.

4. Find truth in all lies.

5. Share passion not ideas. Enthuse don’t brand.

6. Brand-essence is the soul of our passion. Branding is its personality. Design is its body. Marketing is its voice.

7. No one ever truly brands. Branding a process of letting or allowing an idea to be itself. 

8. Brands are living ideas that can either help reveal the truth or conceal it.

9. Let it be what it is, not what we want it to be.  

10. There is only one reality, that reality is conscious, and that reality is a dance of infinite celebration.