The Pathless Path 

There is no path to meditation. It is the recognition of our first fundamental sense.

There are 6 senses.

The common 5 being our regular waking and dream state senses of sight, smell, etc. And the first fundamental sense, the sense of being alive, which is the sense of knowing, being or “I Am”.

Without this sense, we lose touch feeling alive, the source of our happiness.

Feeling alive is what we call pure happiness.

Once we recognise this fundamental sense of being, which is the heart and essence of meditation, we take this sense of being into the other 5 senses. 

be, see, know - know, see, be. 

Meditation is the direct access to the experience of our own aliveness. Meditation is our aliveness. 

This aliveness when soaked in repetitively each day is seen to be the bridge between life and meditation. Read more 

The programme is designed not to change our lives but to see clearly the self that does not need be nor can be changed. This approach is tailored to those who wish to learn or understand meditation or who wish to bridge the gap between their sitting to their active lives. 

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The programme takes place over a period of 5 weeks.
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The biggest changes are made in the beholding of our changless presence.