The Direct Approach to Meditation

If we consider our attention to be like an elastic band, our culture is in a constant state of stretching attention outwardly towards objects, using it exclusively either to seek pleasure or to avert pain. The constant stretching of this band of attention, without it relaxing efficiently into its original shape, causes the collection of stress that is not sufficiently released through sleep because of overstimulating ourselves in waking.

If there is something that can attend to something, there must be a way of attending to the source of that attention itself. When we attend to the source of attention, we aren't really attending to something, we are actually relieving the mind of attending to anything.

The mind rests in its natural condition of pure awareness. That is the art of meditation.

Meditation is the recognition that our natural, peaceful condition is when our band of attention has relaxed into its original shape of pure awareness.

This pure state of awareness is the essence and nature of being alive. Therefore it is as easily accessible to all people, no matter what history, background, culture or religion.
The nature of being alive and the essence of meditation are one and the same.

This programme uses thought yoga, a skilful means of guiding ones mind into its source. The essence of thought yoga is experiential understanding, once meditation, for lack of a better word, is seen, it is not unseen unless by choice.

If the common meditation techniques are practices whereby we focus on an object such as the breath or mantra, until our mind gradually slows down, we could say that true meditation is when that which is observing the breath or mantra, or synonymously, when that which is reading these words right now, is aware of, knowing, or observing itself.

This self-observing or self-knowing is the absolute meditation, yet it is the most simple, intimate and familiar experince there is.

When the subject of meditation and the object of meditation merge, we find ourselves in the heart of life, the nature and baseline of being alive. Therefore it is inherently effortless.

This is not a forceful approach that requires effort, repetition, or controlling of the mind, we are simply guided through direct and effortless explorations into the nature of the one that is alive; the one we call “I” or “myself” or our “being”.
These thought yoga explorations are designed to take us directly to the core of being.

Once we have recognised the source of our being we do not stop here. We continue to come back and explore this essential aspect of ourselves so we may see that this peaceful and joyful presence of being alive, which is the knowing of existence itself and the essence of meditation, is seen as the effortless nature of our day to day experince.
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The course is designed not to change our lives but to see clearly that it does not need to be changed. This apporach is tailored to those who wish to learn or understand meditation or who wish to bridge the gap between their sitting to their active lives. 
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The biggest changes are made when we seek to change nothing at all.