The Mirror of Consciousness 

The mirror of consciousness (pure consciousness or simply being alive) is clean, untainted and completely free of all things reflected in it.

Although, throughout our lives we have been collecting dust on this mirror.

This dust has collected every time we have said no to life. This dust is a collection of resistance. 

Now, because of this collection of dust, it has formed into its own layer over our mirror of consciousness appearing to dim the aliveness, which is our happiness, shining from it. 

Our first response, which seems at first like the most rational and logical response, is to try and remove the dust. We set out on journeys to find ways to change or alter our minds so that we may remove the dust from the mirror.

Although, in doing so, what we are actually doing is saying no to the dust. That which says no to the dust is itself a more sophisticated version of the same one that says no to every other part of our life that it has resisted. 

What would happen if we reflected more resistance into the mirror?

What would happen if we were to use resistance in order to remove something that is itself made of resistance?

It would simply add more resistance, and reflect more resistance back.

This dust of resistence is the layer of unhappiness laying over the baseline nature of pure aliveness, which is happiness itself. 

How do we then cleanse the mirror of the dust that is inhibiting us from this aliveness?

Well, for centuries perennial traditions have been sharing this method with all those with the ears to hear it. With the simple direct and experiential knowledge that what we already are, the free and untainted mirror, is already free from the dust on the mirror. In fact, to the mirror there is no dust at all.  

Consciousness, our alive presence, is never itself touched by anything and is therefore inherently free. In order to realise this, the teachings say, here is a practice called meditation, whereby we focus our mind to a point where it relaxes into the source of pure consciousness from which it arises.

With that being said, the nature of being alive is pure acceptance itself. We are that which is alive, therefore we are that effortlessly, so what do we need to do in order to be that?

We don't do anything other than use our own experience to reveal it to us. Since we are already experiencing this, all we need are pointers to it.

The practice of meditation is still not the fuel that cooks the fire, as in order to practice, we must imply there is something that we are getting better at or something we are getting to, and in order to get better at something, we must to some degree believe that we are not already that which we are practising to be.

This subtle layer of resistance is usually one of the last particles of dust that leave the system before the conscious and seemingly effortless unfoldment takes place post this recognition.

Change will most definitely occur, but instead of being forced from a sense of lack, in cooperation with nature, with loving intelligence.