Alternative brand development programmes and workshops focused on brand essence, philosophy & message strategy - with art, love and intelligence as our main priority. 

Innovating creative thought yoga explorations for creative teams and CEOs - stimulating and drawing back into the source of ideas and creativity. 

Everything is an idea. These ideas have an essence. That essence comes with a feeling. This feeling is what we call a brand. It’s the direct inner experience of a particular thing. For instance, if I talk about two people with the exact same name, you will feel the difference. That which you feel to be different is the brand.

When we discover and refine the essential nature of our idea, brand or business, we have the key to solving its problems, create its design, and strategise for its growth.

So if we are creating a new project, business, art piece, product or service, the idea of it withholds an essence that is directly connected to the individual that has created it.