The most profound aspect of our lives, being alive itself, is the least understood and most overlooked aspect of experience, yet it is all we ever or could ever experience.

What if the key to self knowledge and prolonged happiness was in the recognition of what it means to be alive?

To be alive is to know or be aware of ones own self existence. To know that “I am”. However, this simple fact is overlooked and therefore, we impose the limitations of our mind onto the common experience of being alive - and believe this aliveness is dependent and reliant on a body.  

It is because of this collection of beliefs that we have created one deep rooted belief that we are confined within a body, which holds the essential cliam that “I do not exist, I am not real, and I am not alive”

However, because we know that we are real, that we do exist, and that we are alive, we suffer the resistence between what we are, and what we are not. This contradiction is the motion of suffering, and the birth of the separate self. - And moreover, the reason for all seeking for self knowledge, happiness, and love.