What is Thought Yoga?      

Thought yoga explorations are essentially guided meditations that explore for ourselves the nature of experience. Thinking without thinking that brings us into being. Unlike most guided meditations they arise spontaneously and bring us into the heart of meditation itself. Their effects can take place long after we experience the exploration.

For most of our lives, to find the answer for anything, we have sought knowledge that we have derived from somebody else. If we find it attractive, we agree, and if we don’t, we leave it out. 

Once we have collected enough knowledge we build a framework and model for the world, we then have it running in the background, dictating the way we see ourselves and our world.

We see that these beliefs are all based on the assumption and opinion of others and are never based on the facts or truth of our experience. We also notice more importantly that we have never actually based our own knowledge of ourselves or our world on anything that is ultimately true.

When we follow these beliefs, we notice that we are always bound to some degree of suffering. Why is that? Because the statements that are made and the assumptions we have about what we are, completely contradict the truth of reality.

If we take a very simple exploration we see that actually, the materialist paradigm we are conditioned to hold as our model of reality makes the essential claim that we are both not alive, non-existent and unreal.

The ultimate fear is non existence. And paradoxically fear is the experince of non-existence.
To exist and to live through the lens of reality that claims that I do not ultimately exist is to embody the experince of non-existence. That is the essence of living in fear.

This model goes against our primary first-hand knowledge that we all experience to a fact. It is that I am alive. I exist. And I am real.

Thought Yoga is the means we take to explore the nature of our Self and the world directly, gently eroding the belief in fear, unreality, and separation away from our model of life.

At first, what I am suggesting may not appear significant and will be overlooked by the mind.
If this is the case then we are misunderstanding the words here. Even though we know we are alive, we still live the conditions as if it were not true.

And if such is the case, we experience what we all know as psychological suffering, ignorance, and the desire to find truth, be fulfilled or enlightened. It is as though the presence of feeling alive - happiness - comes in temporary moments of life where we are experiencing content that aligns with our rigid preferences, while essentially on autopilot for the rest.

The essence of all meditation and spiritual practices are all designed in the moment to nudge the gentle flow and juice of being alive to be a grounded direct experience rather than intermittently in small periods of conditioned happiness. - That being, a happiness that only seems to arise by something good happening, and that seem to vanish when that thing disappears.

The entire process of all our actions is entirely based on this one discovery. It is as if life wants to be lived. Life can not truly be lived if the conditions of our beliefs limit us to the experince of non-existence.
Happiness is the nature of being alive. Unless this is experienced, all our actions to a more or lesser degree will be moving in this direction. Therefore the teaching says if this is all we are doing anyway, why not just go there directly?

Reality, truth, consciousness, is always our immediate experience. We can go there progressively over years of ambiguous practice or directly now.
Spiritual practices and moral belief systems are nothing but guidelines and waiting rooms to keep innocent minds on track until they begin to explore for themselves the nature of their own mind and discover the essence of morality and the nature of being alive.

This feeling of being alive is the ultimate form of happiness and is synonymous with the discovery of our own self-existence. - If by existence we mean that which remains, stands alone and is the substance of all things.

This life is nothing but the celebratory doors to the beginning of life. The beginning of life starts now, with simply being alive, unobstructed by the conditions or limitations of the ignore-ence of reality.